Our Vision

To increase share of technology in export and improve productivity of sectors that have high economic potential with its 3 major principles on being local, improver and sensitive to the environment. To be a role model for transition of Turkey thanks to its fiber optic infrastructure, reliable, sustainable and renewable energy sources while the foundation of 4th industrial revolution has been laying,
To build an execution area for ideas of scientists and researcher and feasible projects of industrial companies.
To find solution for municipal problems while putting an end for the unguided settlement of sectoral companies.

It is an objective to build a next-generation OIZ that makes technological investments possible while changing current industrial zones in Bursa so as to make reliable and sustainable as well as high value added, advanced technology-based, efficient, environmentally sensitive production systems that reduce external dependence permanent in Bursa.

Bursa TEKNOSAB is a systematic approach on structural transition of industries thanks to its clustering, centre of excellence and R&D centres, organized trade centre, recycling centre, BTSO Technology University, and logistic centres.

This will pave the way for incentives on 6th area for companies that will make high-tech-based production and clusters of target sectors will twist companies together through value added production chain by flow of technology between industries while increasing international competitiveness.

Each cluster will have a centre of excellence and R&D centre, and R&D projects that will be come to existence thanks to production capability of universities and companies will be make actual by specialists.

Organized Trade Centre will bring companies that could be wanted for high-tech industries such as informatics, industrial design, patenting, law, foreign commerce, assurance, and customs clearance. It will reinforce the characteristics of Bursa TEKNOSAB that performs a duty as a chain between ideas, services, production, and commerce as well as it will increase the productivity while providing supplementary for companies.

Bursa Technology University will take responsibilities to provide cooperation between industries, the public and universities while working together with the other universities. It will provide academic support and progress in various ways such as innovation and R&D studies required by industries, transfer of technology, and employment of qualified personnel.

Logistic centre will meet all logistic requirements under a single roof. It will bring to fruition for services qualified and integrated such as shipping, handling, storing, distribution, consolidation, decomposition, customs clearance, export, import and transit operations etc. by taking advantages of economies of scale.

Bursa TEKNOSAB sets sight on having production procedures in keeping with the concept of green production and  eco-efficiency. Bursa TEKNOSAB will take advantages of many sustainable and renewable energy resources such as wind power, solar power, heat pumps, thermal power etc. Moreover all buildings to be built in the field of OIZ will have solar panels on their roofs. It will satisfy 10% of its energy needs in the first phase and then this rate will come up to 40%.

A significant contribution will be made on environmental aspects, transportation infrastructure and standard of living when drainage systems will be used to rehabilitate industrial waste, watercourses crossing plain will be suited to the nature and Bursa will be prevented from industrial waste completely.

Industries which make high-tech and value added production are keys to fulfil $500 billion-export objectives for 2023. Bursa TEKNOSAB will meet half of $57-billion-dollar export objective by its own, will bring investments valued at $25 billion dollar, as well as it will make export value $8/kg and $35.000 GDP and the ratio of R&D centres per capita will be 3%.