Bursa Gökmen Project

As the industrial capital of Turkey thanks to its production capacities in automotive, machinery and textile sectors, Bursa has stayed the course of being the centre of high-tech industries such as space, aviation and defence.

''Gökmen Project'’ is one of the most important macro projects carried out by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Within the scope of this project, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is ready to bring the first aerospace-themed centre of Turkey in Bursa with a high-budgeted cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

Gökmen Space and Aviation Education Centre (GUHEM) being established on approximately 13.000 square meters’ area will have different practices such as more than 154 interactive installations, aerospace learning centres, space innovation centres and vertical wind tunnels. 

Our aim is to raise awareness of young people for space and aviation through activities to be held in this centre and to train the first Turkish astronaut in Bursa as a result of these studies.

Within the scope of “Gökmen Project”, we have put our qualified members together and put Council of Aerospace and Defence and Aerospace and Defence Cluster into operation. Then, thanks to this cluster including groups of defence industry (Land, sea and aerospace), civil aviation (passenger planes), space vehicles (satellites), amateur aeronautics (light planes, paramotoring) and general aviation, and we have brought our 94 members together in this cluster.

Aerospace and defence projects are now becoming current issues for Bursa business world taking part in the most prestigious fair organization and making evaluation on-site by visiting international institution like NASA, Airbus and Boeing.