TEKNOSAB will make a huge contribution on export values of the country!

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“TEKNOSAB Will Make A Huge Contribution On Export Values By Providing Logistical Advantages And High-Tech Production
Mr. Aytuğ Onur, one of board members of BTSO, gave a speech in the meeting held by Logistic Council in Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and said that Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) Project whose establishment process has been completed, would make a huge contribution on export values by providing logistic advantages and high-tech production capacities.
This kind of a structure for a sectoral council was implemented for the first time in Turkey by BTSO and it has brought the common mind of the city together and continued to reveal some strategic road maps for the sectors. The subjects discussed during the meetings in which not only representatives of the business world, but also representatives  of academics and public institutions participated, also would take a good turn to the projects of BTSO. Logistic Council, as of one of the 18 sector councils working under the umbrella of BTSO, has carried out important works to make Bursa a logistic centre of Turkey. Mr. Aytuğ Onur, the member of board, Mr. Hasan Çepni, the head of Logistic Sector Council and member of the assembly, Mr. Mehmet Aydın Kalyoncu, head of 48th Professional Committee of BTSO, Mr. Recep Pak, the head of Yenişehir Airport and representatives of Bursa business world participated in the meeting organized by Logistic Council and held at the service building of BTSO.
Mr. Aytuğ Onur, the member of board, mentioned that they aimed to strengthen the competitiveness of companies by ensuring to be an effective player and increasing of the export values on international markets. Stating that they have carried out macro projects in line with this vision, Mr. Onur emphasized that the study results of sectoral councils and committees could form new focus points form the projects carried out by BTSO.
“TEKNOSAB will make a huge contribution on export values of the country!”
Stating that Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB), establishment procedures have been completed in Bursa under the guidance of BTSO would direct next 100 years of the city, Mr. Aytuğ Onur said “Our TEKNOSAB Project, which creates a new vision for the future of Bursa, will enrich Turkey thanks to its harbour, railway and highway integrations, logistics villages and modern infrastructure. TEKNOSAB will contribute to the exports and value added production for not only our region but also our country by providing its logistic advantages and high technology production. As of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will continue carrying out new projects, which will contribute to economy of the city and country”.
Mr. Hasan Çepni: “We should start air cargo transportation up!”
Mr. Hasan Çepni, the head of Logistic Council said that the structure of “Sectoral Council”, which was established by BTSO became a role model for Turkey. He mentioned that with the vision of “the common mind of business world”, he would like to thanks to Mr. İbrahim Burkay, the president of board and to the other members of the board.
Stating that they would provide great contributions to Turkish economy with High Speed Train Project of Bursa, İstanbul-İzmir highway construction and TEKNOSAB projects carried out under the leadership of BTSO, Mr. Çepni expressed that air cargo transportation should be started in Bursa as soon as possible. Mr. Çepni said: "We should start air cargo transportation in Bursa by activating the cargo storage facilities at Yenişehir Airport. If Bursa would become an important centre for logistic sector, the air cargo must be activated."