World business representatives of Bursa which is the production and trade base of Turkey continue their works within the framework of 120,000 new employment goal set for 2019. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and the organized industrial zones which strengthen the development of Turkey via the added value and exportation they bring, published a joint declaration to support the employment campaign.

The joint declaration of BTSO, Bursa OSB (Organized Industrial Zone), TEKNOSAB, Uludağ OSB, İnegöl OSB, Kayapa Islah OSB, Akçalar OSB, Kestel OSB, Hasanağa OSB, Barakfakih Islah OSB, Yenişehir OSB, Yenice OSB, TOSAB, İnegöl Mobilya Ağaç İşleri İhtisas OSB, Bursa İhtisas Deri OSB and Mustafakemalpaşa Mermerciler OSB is as follows:

“World economy is going through a critical path, especially now that there is a contraction with the global trade and growth.

Our country which has always succeeded in overcoming hard times with its understanding of national unity throughout history, is going through another rough struggle under the leadership of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and with the cooperation of public-private sector.
Our business world has gained a new momentum while our government is bringing movement to the dynamics of the economy with proactive policies and historical supports.

As Bursa business world which is the locomotive of Turkish economy, we are opening new doors for employment to increase the welfare of our city and our country, and to move us towards a better future.
On this journey we set out on with 80,000 employment goal in 2017; we provided 83,000 people with job opportunities.
With the production and employment volume we have formed as the industrial zones in Bursa, not only do we contribute in every field to our country, but also we continue our journey today with the same campaigning spirit.
We believe in the power and the future of Turkey.
We invite all our enterprises one more time to join this employment campaign and to make use of the historical supports.
After we leave behind March 31 elections (which is a turning point for our country) with a high participation and in peace, we will continue to move towards our 2023, 2053, 2071 goals even more determined.
We have complete faith that we will achieve our economic development movement we see as a perpetuity struggle for democracy and for our national unity through national solidarity.
As Bursa we will reach our new employment campaign goal we have announced with an understating of relentless investment, production and exportation and with the motto “#BurasıBursaBuradaİşVar” (This is Bursa, we have jobs here).”