The World’s Giant Companies Are Interested In TEKNOSAB

  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone
  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone
  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone
Mr. İbrahim Burkay, President of BTSO, said that the giant companies have planned making investments at Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) with estimated budget of 25-billion-dollar investment and 40 billion-dollar-export volume. President Burkay said “TEKNOSAB will be the most important chain for enterprising of mega industrial zones of our country.
The meeting held monthly by BTSO Assembly was organized at Chambers Service Building in June. Stating that general election held in June 24 that has been a new milestone for the history of democracy and its participation level was almost 90%, President Burkay express his best wishes for the new governmental system that would be beneficial for Turkey and Bursa. Stating that Turkish governmental structure would have an important change of paradigms with new governmental model for presidency, President Mr. Burkay said that Turkey would take firm steps forward with quick decision making mechanism and powerful moves. President Burkay, said “As of business world, we would continue working on each area such as production, employment, industry and export without letting Turkey waste any time.”
Stating that Bursa is one of the most important actors of Turkish objectives for 2023, 2053 and 2071 with its own experience and dynamism, Mr. Burkay said: “We have still an objective to be the centre of national production for every strategical areas. We have hold our claims so as to achieve our objectives on high-tech investment, production and export for Turkey through projects like OIZ for SMEs, BUTEKOM, Gökmen Aerospace Training Centre, and Model Factory and especially TEKNOSAB project.”
Mr. İbrahim Burkay emphasized that TEKNOSAB project which was praised and planned to be expanded by Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey during his Bursa visit, has shown the vision of not only Bursa but also Turkey.  Stating that TEKNOSAB would be the most important thing for enterprising of mega industrial zones in our country, Mr. Burkay said that there are 135 parcels to be invested and 15.000 square meter area within the body of 22 organized industrial zones in Bursa. Explaining that there are 170 parcels on 15.000 square meter area to be used as the first step of TEKNOSAB project that was planned to be built in 8 different phases and its first phase have been almost completed, President Burkay emphasized that TEKNOSAB would have an important role for transition process of Turkey from medium to high and advanced technology.
Stating that they have also negotiated with national and international companies as well as investors for the production of domestic cars, Mr. Burkay said “We planned that constructions of facilities would have been initiated until the end of 2018 at TEKNOSAB.  TEKNOSAB is developing at a great pace and will be one of the unique projects that have been carried out so far among its kind. The demands on enrichment of the project mentioned by our dear President of the Republic of Turkey are very important for the development of our project. Our new investment project will be settled quickly after new governmental system would be totally formed.”
Also talking about investments on renewable energy resource within the scope of TEKNOSAB Project, Mr. Burkay stated that there will be solar energy panels on each roof of companies to be built in new generation industrial zone. Mr. İbrahim Burkay said “ Our major goal is to provide the 40% of total energy required by our zone by using renewable energy resources efficiently with investments of wind power plants. TEKNOSAB would take the lead of investments to be made in Bursa during the transition process to scale economy. Bursa is getting stronger thanks to investments projected to be made by international companies, especially investments on production of domestic car within the body of TEKNOSAB.  We will also begin to get application for the second phase of TEKNOSAB project that leads to transition process of high-tech production in Turkey as soon as possible.
Sharing information about developments of OIZ for SMEs that was planned under the guidance of BTSO, President İbrahim Burkay explained that there are over 2.500 applications from companies of all sectors at the moment. President Mr. Burkay said “all our 40.000 members have taken part in projects carried out by BTSO. We continue working on studies about OIZ for SMEs that was planned with the purpose of empowering SMEs that are locomotives of city and country economy for us.  We believe that OIZ for SMEs Project that has been evaluated by related ministries, will be put into practice faster after new governmental system will be formed.