You will always support you for TEKNOSAB Project.

  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone
  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone

“You will always support you for TEKNOSAB Project.”
12th  Meeting of Common Mind was held under the leadership of Bursa Chambers of Commerce and Industry with the participation of all chambers and commodity exchanges in Bursa. During the meeting in which Mr. İzzettin Küçük came together with the representatives of Bursa business world for the first time, Mr. Küçük said that Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) is a project, that will revolutionize in Turkey.
Mr. İzzettin Küçük came together with the representatives of Bursa business world in his first meeting in Bursa. Participating to the 12th Meeting of “Common Mind”, in which all problems of Bursa and its all districts were negotiated and new strategies were developed, Mr. Küçük said “Bursa added great value to country thanks to its geographical location and entrepreneurial spirit. Stating that Bursa has been a city that lead the way in various fields through history of Turkish economy, Mr. Küçük said “Bursa always expended the country’s horizon and took the lead to make it successful. I would like to congratulate to business world representatives who are the owners of this success with great determination and effort. I will always be with our business world while future objectives of our city will be accomplished.”  Emphasizing that studies on value added and high-tech production of city are very important for objectives of Turkey, Mr. Küçük said “TEKNOSAB whose establishment processes were completed, would be very effective in the direction of this vision.  I will always work with you during all phases of TEKNOSAB Project which excites me.
Stating that Turkey achieved a great success thanks to representatives of business world in spite of all kinds of negativities encountered in nearby regions, Mr. Küçük said “Growth rate is 4.8% in 2016 Q1.  It is a marvellous development. I would like to present my compliments to all business people that contributed to this success.  I thank to our business people which have worked to add value to our country day-and-night, and made us proud with their exports to different markets all across the globe.  I also thank to Mr. İbrahim Burkay, President of BTSO; for bringing together us in this meeting.”
Mr. Burkay said that “Common Mind Meeting” in which all chambers and commodity exchanges in Bursa were participated, would be a model platform to find solution thanks to its structure and to achieve its objectives without any problem.  Stating that BTSO continues working with the motto of “Bursa growths, Turkey growths”, Mr. Burkay said “Bursa is a city, one of top three for each economical indicators. When Bursa’s export increases, Turkish’s export increases correspondingly.  Bursa is the most powerful city of Turkey so as to achieve country’s objectives. Expressing that the works that would give acceleration to city under the guidance of Mr. Küçük, would continue, Mr. Burkay said “Bursa will achieve its objectives powerfully under the  leadership of the governor and with the vision of common mind. I sincerely hope that new mission of our governor who is architect of similar projects in Şanlıurfa and the other cities he worked before and leads us to achieve the future objectives of Bursa, will bring new achievements to our city and our country. 
16 Plane Trees Were Planted On Behalf Of Mr. Küçük
Mr. İbrahim Burkay, President of BTSO, and Mr. Topuk, the Head of Council presented a certificate for 16 plane trees which were planted on behalf of Mr. Küçük, the Bursa governor, after their speeches at the meeting held at  Mihraplı Restaurant. Mr. İsmail Kuş, Vice President of BTSO, Mr.İlker Duran and Mr. Şakir Umutkan, members of the board, Mr. Özer Matlı, President of Bursa Commodity Exchange (BTB), Mr. Mehmet Aydın, Head of BTB Council, heads of chambers and commodity exchanges of districts also attended the meeting.