Minister Özlü investigated TEKNOSAB on site.

  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone
  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone
  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone

Minister Özlü investigated TEKNOSAB on site.
Mr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology; came together with local and foreign investors of Bursa during the consultation meeting that was organized by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), and investigated TEKNOSAB on site by aerial viewpoint after this meeting. Expressing his sincere thanks to companies in Bursa that strengthens Turkish economy with their production and employment possibilities, Mr. Özlü said “Ideas of our business world could form our ministerial projects.”
Informations about projects of BTSO and TEKNOSAB whose infrastructure works and establishment were completed within 1 year, were presented to Minister Faruk Özlü before The Consultation Meeting organized at BTSO Service Building.  Giving a speech in the consultation meeting after this presentation, Mr. Faruk Özlü said that The July 15 coup attempt was prevented by national will and faith of Turkish nation. Stating that national unity and solidarity performed after this coup attempt was held up as an example for the whole world, Mr. Özlü said that everyone must keep their shoulders to the wheel.  Stating that as of Turkish government, they have worked on contributing to production and export of business world much more, Mr. Özlü said “The 65th Government was established with the mission of creating reforms and increasing performance. For this reason, we would like to make new reforms by consulting with the representatives of business world. Today, the most important goal of us while coming here together is to learn and satisfy the demands of Bursa business world. We are waiting for your support for creating much more performance and reform.”
Mentioning that Bursa has a great potential with its production quality and industrial experiences, Minister Özlü said “BTSO and Bursa business world are models for each cities of Turkey.  Bursa is very precious city for me. I know that companies of Bursa perform a great effort for the future objectives of Turkey. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry leads many important projects.  I congratulate business people on their works selflessly and their commitment. Your precious ideas continue lighting the way for our works and projects. Minister Özlü thanked to BTSO leading important projects that could add value to Bursa.
Presenting informations about unique projects for Turkish economy, Mr. Özlü also talked about new works on reforms in defence sector.  Stating that he is experienced on defence technologies, Mr. Özlü said: “I have read and analysed defence reforms of all armed forces and armies in the world since 2007. I wrote reports with regard to them before. The Regulation presented by decree that was formed by our government, would be a new reform.  This reform is result of cases discussed for a long while. Make sure that our armed force will be more powerful thanks to this defence reform.”
Mr. İbrahim Burkay, President of BTSO, said that the first visit of Minister Faruk Özlü to Bursa is very important in terms of vision and objectives of the city. Stating that Bursa is a city in which gives direction to the Turkish economy, Mr. Burkay emphasized that Bursa in which there are almost 1000 foreign-invested companies, is second exporter city of Turkey.  Emphasizing also that Bursa export to more than 112 countries, Mr. Burkay said “As of Bursa business world, we have only one motivation; to make Bursa succeed at achieving not only its but also Turkish objectives.  These vision and mission are to focus point of our projects. We believe in power and potential of our city.”
Stating that they have worked to maximize the advantages of the public taken by Bursa business world, Mr. Burkay said that they offered opportunities for Bursa thanks to different projects such as Global Fair Agency, International Competitiveness Development and Clusterings.  Reminding that KOSGEB gives important supports for fair organization towards business world, Mr. İbrahim Burkay said “Turkish government offers great supports towards business world. We can provide important supports by making these sources available for our companies to improve their businesses and make them more competitive. As of BTSO and KOSGEB, we offered 10 Million Turkish Liras to our SMEs in Bursa within the scope of Global Fair Agency Project that has been organized for the purpose of raising exporter identities for our members for the last 3 years. Because the developed countries, especially in Europe, do not offer any support like that. We cannot catch the opportunities and supports during our daily routines. Our companies should take the advantages of these kind of things.
President Burkay presented to Minister Özlü a certificate of 16 plane trees that were planted on behalf of him. The program was ended after taking a family photo. İzzettin Küçük, Governor of Bursa; Recep Altepe, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor; Bursa Deputies, BTSO Consultation Committee and investors of Bursa participated in this meeting.
Mr. Özlü investigated site of construction of Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) which would add value on advanced technology production of Turkey by air after the consultation meeting held by BTSO. Mr. Burkay, President of BTSO, and Mr. Altepe, the mayor of Bursa kept Mr. Küçük, Governor of Bursa, company. President Burkay acquaint Mr. Özlü with the construction process of TEKNOSAB Project.