“TEKNOSAB” is best choice for foreign investor

  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone

Stating that TEKNOSAB is the best choice without any alternative for foreign investor, Mr. İbrahim Burkay, President Of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO)  who gave an interview to the media representatives at dinner said “This zone will add great contribution to our country because the companies where would take place in TEKNOSAB will make high-tech production, specially for exportation.”
Mr. İbrahim Burkay, president of the board, who gave a speech during the dinner program organized at Altıparmak Service Building, made evaluations about economic progresses in Turkey and Bursa at the start of his speech. Emphasizing that 5% growth achievement of Turkey shown in first quarter of year, has reassured to business world pretty much, President Mr. Burkay pointed out hat they believe to resume the growth of Turkish economy  by creating a confidential and stable environment that occurred after referendum.
“New Achievements Will Be sustainable”
Evaluating the revision of estimated growth rates of World Bank and credit rating agencies related Turkey, President Mr. Burkay said “While World Bank revises the estimated growth rate of our country to 3,5%, Fitch increased this rate from 2.4 up to 4.7 for the year of 2017. Our country has remained the economical growth against all perception operations and challenges encountered. The investors consider that our country is still a safe port. As Bursa business world we believe that our country will always succeed in every field.
“Teknosab Is Best Choice Without Any Alternative”
Stating that they would lay the foundation of High-Tech Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) after the fiesta under the guidance of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. İbrahim Burkay said “TEKNOSAB will give great support for achievements of export of our country and especially Bursa. We would like to bring global-invested high-tech companies to this region. TEKNOSAB will be best choice for all groups that make investments in Turkey. This region will add great contribution to our country because the companies taken places at TEKNOSAB would be high-tech companies mainly concentrated on export.”
“We Specified Ability Matrix of Our Companies”
Stating that they have worked on all strategic areas especially automotive, machine and textile sectors in Bursa for 4 years and specified ability matrix of member companies, President İbrahim Burkay pointed out the potential of city.  Saying that Bursa has made important cooperation with world giants and also taken important roles in national projects of Turkey, Mr. Burkay stated that TEKNOSAB is the right place to manufacture the domestic car. President Mr. Burkay said “An entrepreneur group was created for the production of domestic car. As of Bursa, we presented our report to TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) and related ministries. The right place for the production of domestic car is first zone located on the centre of Bursa when compared with the orthers’ supply possibilities, production areas and  logistical advantages.
Turkish Trade Centre in New York
Mr. İbrahim Burkay, President of BTSO said that as of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, they would continue working on their vision projects that rally Turkey with powering of positive performance on economy.  Emphasizing that they would bring 200-million-lira investment to Bursa after Ramadan Fiesta, President Mr. Burkay said that they will establish the first Turkish Trade Centre in New York. President Burkay said “Our Economy Ministry gives us important supports. We have had a new trade centre in New York since July. This won’t be only for New York. We have planed to implement this kind of projects in lots of cities that would take the lead of global economy until the end of year. So Bursa business world representatives have important roles on global markets.”
Our Investments Will Be Sustainable
Stating that they would be busy in July, President Mr. İbrahim Burkay said that the sector representatives would come together with local and foreign customers during Junioshow Expo in July 5.  Stating that they would open “The Monument of Martyrs” at 15 July Martyrs Professional Education Complex built in Yeniceabat, Bursa by BTSO, President Burkay said “We would establish BUTEKOM and MESYEB officially in this summer period. We have planned starting the construction processes of Kirazlıyayla Life-Long Trainin Cenrtre and Aerospace Training Centre as soon as possible.”
Organized Trade Zones
Mr. İbrahim Burkay, president of BTSO, said that they have started workin on projects to establish Organized Trade Zones as a part of macro projects carried by BTSO in line with the demands of the sector. Stating that they would like to lead up commercial transition of Bursa, Mr. İbrahim Burkay said that Organized Trade Zones’ project would also increase productivity of the sectors that have high economic potential. Mr. Burkay said “We would like to establish Organized Trade Centres with success oriented, exemplary and innovative approach. These zones was planned as clustering groups for 11 different sectors, would make a great contribution to future objectives of Bursa.
Mr. Remzi Topuk, Head of the Assembly, said that the vision projects of Turkey were established under the guidance of BTSO. Stating that he would be very pleased with working together with members of board and assembly in this period, Mr. Remzi Topuk said that Bursa would continue working on mega projects with the common mind of BTSO.
Also Mr. İsmail Kuş and Cüneyt Şener, Vice Presidents of BTSO Board and Mr. İbrahim Gülmez and Şükrü Çekmişoğlu, members of the board participated in this dinner program.