Industrialist Will Focus On Production That Is Its Main Job With TEKNOSAB

  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone
  • TEKNOSAB|Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone

“Industrialist Will Focus On Production That Is Its Main Job With TEKNOSAB”
Mr. Remzi Topuk, Head of the assembly; welcomed Mr. Mustaga Tecdelioğlu, President of Industrialist and Businessmen Association of Fasteners and his associated committee.
During the visit organized at BTSO Service Building, Mr. Remzi Topuk, head of the assembly; said that Bursa business world has worked with the vision of common mind under the guidance of BTSO and this synergy has provided important achievements to economy of Bursa and Turkey. Giving some information about projects carried out by BTSO, Mr. Remzi Topuk picked up on importance of the structure of “Sectoral Council” that was grouped in 20 strategic branches. Mr. Topuk, Head of the assembly;  said “All demands and ideas of  our council and committee members have also assisted to decision making mechanism. The vision of common mind for Bursa business world contributes to many legal regulations that arranged by our economy management nowadays.”
Mr. Remzi Topuk, head of assembly, said that TEKNOSAB which is one of macro projects carried out by BTSO, will initiate a new era for industry. Stating that all details were planned for industrialist who makes production within the scope of TEKNOSAB Project, Mr. Remzi Topuk said “Our industrialist will focus on only its job with TEKNOSAB that will be established as turnkey factory model.”
Mr. Remzi Topuk, head of the assembly, picked up on BESİAD, as an association which consists of 70% of total production made in fasteners sector in Turkey. Stating that this association achieved important works for  development of the sector, Mr. Topuk also said that he was very glad to be one of the members of BESİAD and would take on task of Vice President of BESİAD at the same time.
Mr. Mustafa Tecdelioğlu, President of BESİAD;  said that they followed-up the projects carried out by BTSO admiringly. Stating that Teknosab is very precious for Turkish economy especially, Mr. Tecdelioğlu said “TEKNOSAB would provide great advantages to companies even though there are an incremental logistical costs in the sector. World-class and high-tech production methods would also add value and power on our export volume.”